M9 Online Sdn Bhd

Formed in 2012, officially incorporated on July 08, 2015, registered office in Penang, Malaysia under registration No 1151561-M. M9 online is an eCommerce online platform. 

        M9 Online provides a Business platform , Biz directory and also we helps all the SME user create their own corporate website that can link together with M9 platform. M9 connecting all the SMEs business partners worldwide thru M9 platform just as simple as 3 step only.   M9 focused on 9 category business type among all the SMEs, which are Cloth, Food, Live,Logistic, Play, Health, Industry, Business & Electric.M9 platform enable SME business partners to get connection and interaction through Mobile Smart Phone, PC and Tablet Device about their company products , leads , activities, Biz directory and Website.

       With M9 online, all the SMEs business partners can easily share their business needs, latest product, photos & videos and an activities for 24 hours online sharing with only 3 steps thru M9 platforms. We also assist all the SMEs business partners link to the government agency & association to understanding  & improve their awareness & knowledge of services information.

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